Samurai Showdown IV


Born in 1996

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  • SNK

  • FormatArcade
  • TypeBeat 'em up
  • SystemArcade

This game is incredible,  the characters and especially the different fighting styles for each character (bust/slash) give this game even more depth.

You also have the "super" moves which are just nothing short of incredible! 
Scott "NeoGeo Lord" Pattinson

favourites such as Hanzo Hattori and his explosive throw "Ninpo Bakuen Mijin Gakure" is absolutley epic! Then Haomaru.... nuff' said really because he is awesome! The length of his sword moves are just a win win!. 

Samurai Showdown 4 for me is the most accessible of the series as you can get into the game far more quickly when compared to the others. The balance of attack and defence seems just right. There arent any weak characters in the game either and the balance is so greatly done. You also have the "super" moves which are just nothing short of incredible!  The feeling of when you pull them off makes it them feel even sweeter and that makes the game so rewarding. 

The end boss is Amakusa and you can even select her in the main menu, choose wisely as you can meet an alternate boss depending on what character you do pick (please note i will not post any spoilers)!!  In game character speech is just so realistic and unique. Its pretty much what you would expect from japanese production as most audio they do brings a real feel to the overall experience. 

This game is almost 20 years old but everytime i play it my jaw still drops! Very few games have this effect on me! I just cant put my finger on it why it leaves such a big impression. One thing is for sure though this game is simply epic from start to finish

Review by Scott "NeoGeo Lord" Pattinson

Samurai Showdown IV  Arcade Gameplay
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Samurai Showdown IV  Neo-Geo Commercial

  • SNK

  • FormatArcade
  • TypeBeat 'em up
  • SystemArcade
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