Terra Cresta

  • Nichibutsu

  • FormatArcade
  • TypeShooter
  • SystemArcade

Terra Cresta is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up and the rebellious teenage offspring of Moon Cresta, and like many of our own sons and daughters, it initially seems to have inherited virtually none of the charm or wit of its vastly superior parents.

This game must be commended for its clever enemy attack patterns and overall smooth feel
Shaun Holley

Then when you really get to know it and stop grounding it for under-age drinking, it develops a feisty little personality all of its own. Eventually you come to realise that this is a beautiful creation of nature, and the sum of its parts may well add up to be something greater than its predecessor. What I'm trying to say is that Terra Cresta is a damn good game.

Like Moon Cresta, in this game you can add extra sections to your craft that increase fire power. There are four extra ship components littered about the landscape, which can be obtained by shooting the numbered discs surrounding them. Pressing the 'formation attack' button whilst in possession of these components will temporarily split your ship into the individual parts on screen, giving you an increased and wider spread bullet count. If you manage to get the forth bit without losing any of the others you transform into an awesome fiery phoenix for a short time, sporting invincibility and looking hot (looking hot ha ha? No? Oh well...). 

The landscape graphics and bosses owe a lot to Xevious, as does the general structure of the game. It's an endless shooter, and I imagine at some point the background repeats itself, although I've never gotten far enough to witness that. What it also borrows from Xevious is the unfair checkpoint system. 

This means that you can get up to seventy percent through a level, die, and go back to the beginning. Die after completing seventy percent or more and you skip to the next level when you respawn. One other gripe I'd like to mention is the fact that the vertical movement speed of your craft is slow compared to the horizontal, making it harder to dodge stuff. And man is this game tough! Like many other blasters in this genre, the best way to progress is to try to shoot the bad guys the instant they appear on screen. Let the play area fill up with enemies and you'll soon have nowhere to hide and a screen full of nasty. 

This game must be commended for its clever enemy attack patterns and overall smooth feel (you know what I mean, right gamers?). And you can shoot dinosaurs; who doesn't want to do that?

Review by Shaun Holley

Gameplay- Terra Cresta
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Gameplay- Terra Cresta arcade v C64
  • Nichibutsu

  • FormatArcade
  • TypeShooter
  • SystemArcade
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