Atari XEGS

Born in 1987The Atari XEGS Video Game System was one of the last systems released by Atari - it was an attempt at cornering the market against Nintendo and Sega. The XEGS is compatible with all the existing Atari 8-bit computer software librar and operates as a stand alone console or full computer with the addition of its specially designed keyboard. In computer mode. The console came with a joystick and a deluxe model came with a separate keyboard, Joystick and light gun!  The console still failed in the marketplace, and was succeeded by the Atari Jaguar which was then the end for Atari Consoles.

The XEGS came with the Atari 8-bit version of Missile Command built in and Bug Hunt which was compatible with the light gun. As the XEGS is compatible with the earlier 8-bit software, many games released under the XEGS banner were simply older games rebooted.

Atari XEGS commercial 1

Atari XEGS commericial 2

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