Born in 1932

The Connecticut Leather Company or COLECO as it was to be known years later, went from producing craft kits, to plastic moulding - to then enter the video game business in the 1970's.

Coleco made handheld games and toys, as well as porting amazing tabletop classic games of the arcade such as Pac-Man, Galaxian and Frogger into people's homes.

It's Colecovision console in 82 was a rival to Atari and released many add-ons and great games during it's lifetime. Whilst the Atari 2600 won the battle in numbers sold and games with it. Many still love the ColecoVision for it's sound and smooth graphical play.

Along with the Colecovsion, Coleco also produced the Telstar, Telstar Arcade and Coleco Arcade.

ColecoVision "The Arcade Experience Commerical"
  • Colecovision

    BORN IN 1982. The Colecovision has certainly stood the test of time of being a console that is now over 30 years old.
  • Coleco Telstar

    BORN IN 1976 (original). The Coleco Telstar went on to be made in many different shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Coleco Gemini

    BORN IN 1982. The Coleco Gemini claimed to play as good as Atari and be better - VCS games worked so you could play pacman to asteroids on this easily.
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