Born in 1945

Mattel were famous in the early days for making some wonderful toys and smaller electronic games. Now it was time to hit the video console market at the turn of a new decade, the 1980's.

The Intellevision was a strong challenger to Atari with a host of original and popular arcade titles it brought arcade gaming action into the homes of many.

It may not have had the finesse or amount of titles as the mighty Atari, but it was well loved by many at the time and still today. From the amazing Sea Battle to the infamous B17 bomber with its voice module (which made it talk!) and the great but long played-out game of Utopia. The Intellevision had alot to offer to gameplayers of the time.

Intellivision Commercial

  • Intellivision

    The Intellevision was a strong challenge to Atari with a host of original arcade titles as well as original games in their own right
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