The Intellevision was a strong challenge to Atari with a host of original and popular arcade titles…

It may not have the customer reach and variety of games, but it was well loved by many gamers at the time. From the amazing Sea Battle to the infamous B17 bomber with its voice module to make it the great but long played out-game of Utopia - it had a great offer to gameplayers of the time...

Activision - Mattel Intellivision commercial

  • Utopia

    Utopia is a game ahead of it's time and had us playing hard to become the World Dominator!
  • B-17 Bomber

    Beeeee Seventeen bomber - it was all about the voice back in the day - the early 80s
  • Tron: Deadly Discs

    Get in the machine, and the movie with this popular game which ran with the movie
  • Shark Shark!!

    Eat you way through all the fish in the sea and become top of the food chain!
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