BORN IN 1889

Nintendo is such a massive global gaming company now, that it's name alone means videogames. Established many years ago in the Victorian period by Fusajiro Yamauchi. They originally made playing cards!

Making toys, simple games then handheld games (Game and Watch) and consoles to where we are today with it's latest console the Wii U.

As one of the top three gaming companies in the World now, alongside Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo continues to innovate and build on the years of great gaming.

1991 SNES commercial

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    BORN IN 1983 (as the Famicom). The NES was one of the most successful consoles of all time with games such as Mario Bros and Duck Hunt which came free with many console packages.

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    BORN IN 1990. The SNES became the biggest selling of it's generation. Games such as Street Fighter 2, Mario Kart and Super Mario World becoming instant hits.

  • Nintendo N64

    BORN IN 1996. The N64 has legendary games such as a the mighty Goldeneye, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and Star Fox 64 amongst many others.

  • Gamecube

    BORN IN 2001. The Gamecube was a cool little box of fun that many have overlooked during the PS2 and Xbox period - we didn't!!

  • Color TV Game

    BORN IN 1977. In the late seventies Nintendo moved into the electronic era where it belonged and was to start something really amazing.
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