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Never has slipping on a rocket belt been as much fun as the days of hovering in your Jet Pac on the Spectrum 48K. 

I think I can honestly say this game was really rather enjoyable

Pilotwings on the SNES showed off the innovation of the fabled Mode 7 chip allowing smooth rotation or motion sickness depending on your persuasion! This was your chance to be king of the skies and show your prowess at piloting a light plane, parachuting onto a moving platform (if you were good), hang gliding through those lovely warm thermals and finally rocketbelting yourself through the rings, and no that's not a euphemism. Simply put, anyone who has ever held a SNES controller must experience the challenge posed by this game and ultimately conquer its steep learning curve.

The funky soundtrack and well created challenges gave you enough to keep coming back to try harder and harder and give you that just one more time feeling.

For me (Dean Hedger) the rating for the game are :
Sound 7
Graphics 8
Playability 10
Overall 9

Read on to see what first time player Jon Preece has to say:

Aside from the fact that this was my first ever taste of playing on a SNES (a reason to be excited in itself!) I think I can honestly say this game was really rather enjoyable. I say 'enjoyable', perhaps I mean 'infuriatingly addictive'. That's not to say I didn't like it – quite the opposite. This is the kind of game that you'll very quickly find yourself repeatedly saying "Oh just one more go..." to your kids as they chant for the umpteenth time "Is it my go yet?"
A great time filler if you're at a loose end and no doubt it'll have you making various remarks (in a mock X-Factor type of voice) about successfully penetrating rings on the road to that elusive perfect score.

For me the rating for the game are : 
Sound 6 Catchy tune but it will get on your nerves very quickly!
Graphics 8 Impressive and detailed
Playability 10 Too much to do to get bored!
Overall 9 Simply great fun on your own or with mates!

Reviewed by Dean Hedger and Jon Preece

Pilotwings Video WalkthroughCLICK the carousel below to see the gaming pics and videos:

Pilotwings - Rocketbelt Stage Music
  • Nintendo

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeFlight Simulator
  • SystemConsole
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