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Eat your heart out Nick Faldo, those intrepid games reviewers & GYL fans Hedger & Preece have dusted off the clubs and have headed out on the fairway for some Mario Golf action on the Nintendo 64.

There have been many renditions of golf churned out on console after console but nothing delivers such a huge helping of fun as this little gem.

After selecting your player from an unusual roster of Mario characters (Maple anyone??) you start to unlock the courses ahead through tournament, ring, stroke, matchplay and skins modes. First released back in 1999, there is no place for the Tiger in this Clubhouse (was he still in short trousers or a strippers G string?).

With a fiendishly tricky learning curve the wide fairways of Toad highlands give a nice introduction taking you through 6 courses until the ultimate challenge of Mario Star course arrives.

Since playing Leaderboard on the C64 an eon or two ago, unfortunately no subsequent golf games have managed to grip my interest as it did. That is not to say these other games weren’t any good – more I’m a lazy beggar and instead of actually finding out their quality, I instead locked myself in my box assuring myself that it couldn’t be beaten. Until now… <cue jarring chord>

This is very much a pick-up-and-play golf game that had me hooked inside of 38 seconds mainly due to its intuitive controls and highly addictive gameplay. Couple that with the complimentary comments the game bestows upon you when you play well, that’ll have you repeating them over and over (imagine the standard American-Nintendo voice chanting phrases like “Nice on!” and “Nice shot!”), this game is a sure fire winner.

So if you fancy putting from the rough* this is good to play solo or against your mates (be they sober or not-so sober) and is certainly a constructive way to fill 45ish minutes of time!

*I couldn’t NOT write about a golf game and omit this phrase… sorry…

For me the rating for the game are :

Sound 10 – The Tunes!!!! Graphics 7 Playability 10 Overall 9

Reviewed by Dean Hedger and Jon Preece

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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - Doubles Match Play
  • Nintendo

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeSport
  • SystemConsole
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