Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Born IN 1990

Originally release as the Super Famicom, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System - or SNES (as it was more commonly known) was launched to face-off against SEGA's Genesis / Mega Drive in the 16-bit console wars.  Using a ROM cartridge set-up, the SNES came into the 16-BIT era a little later than it's rivals, but with its range of games and stunning sound and graphics of the time, it made up for it quickly.  The success of the console led it to being the biggest selling of it's generation. Games such as Street Fighter 2, Mario Kart and Super Mario World became instant hits and loved by gamers around the World.

SNES - 100 SNES games in 10 minutes

  • Mario Kart

    Developed by Nintendo Super Mario Kart became one of the top console games EVER and still lives on today
  • F-Zero

    A future racing game like no other!
  • Super Mario World

    These two plumbers from the land of Nintendo were up to their usual adventures and in a colour cartoon world were going to set the world alight.
  • Star Wing

    Using the SNES technology to full effect Starwing and it's 3D polygon graphical gameplay brought a new and amazing (at the time) form of gaming
  • Super Metroid

    Super Metroid is a full on arcade adventure like not other
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbours

    Zombies Ate My Neighbours is a run and gun video game
  • Street Fighter 2

    Take on a range of enemies from around the world in this awesome fighting arcade conversion!
  • Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

    Take control of your Apache chopper and take on the enemy!
  • Busby in Claws Encounters of the Furred kind

    A bright and colourful platform game which requires a little more than just run and jump!
  • Outlander

    Looking at the Mad Max game with a different name
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