Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Born IN 1990

Originally release as the Super Famicom, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System - or SNES (as it was more commonly known) was launched to face-off against SEGA's Genesis / Mega Drive in the 16-bit console wars.  Using a ROM cartridge set-up, the SNES came into the 16-BIT era a little later than it's rivals, but with its range of games and stunning sound and graphics of the time, it made up for it quickly.  The success of the console led it to being the biggest selling of it's generation. Games such as Street Fighter 2, Mario Kart and Super Mario World became instant hits and loved by gamers around the World.

SNES - 100 SNES games in 10 minutes

  • Plok

    Plok had everything a good 90's game needed - charm, excitement, playability and most of all fun.
  • True Lies

    The player controls Harry Tasker, who is tasked with the duty of foiling the terrorist plot of Salim Abu Aziz. Each stage has a particular series of goals that the player must fulfill before reaching the stage's goal.
  • Super Castlevania 4

    Fight evil enemies and battle many to reach Count Dracula
  • Earthbound

    arthBound often stands as this gamer's favorite game of all time, and with good reason.
  • Kirby's Dream Course

    A Kirby game that dared to be different, and for that I believe it was a complete success.
  • Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

    An entirely different kind of Pac-Man game - its the coolest
  • Rock n' Roll Racing

    A legendary racing game with the POWER of rock!
  • Earthworm Jim

    With Earthworm Jim there are moments of the game when I found it very challenging!
  • Earthworm Jim 2

    Our worm-like hero is back again for a funnier and whackier sequel
  • Super Star Wars

    ll the faces are there, Luke, Chewie, R2 and C3PO with Vader looming large
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