Earthworm Jim

  • Virgin Interactive

  • Formatvideo Game
  • TypePlatform Adventure
  • SystemConsole

When I first played this cartoony type game, I simply could not put it down as i found it so funny listening to the whacky sound effects and hearing Earthworm Jim's voice. 

The weapons you use are so cool too, from a machine gun to a plasma blaster gun Wyn James

The graphics are superb throughout and there are moments of the game when I found it very challenging, especially when performing the precise jumps.The weapons you use are so cool too, from a machine gun to a plasma blaster gun. Plus you can also use Jim's head as a helicopter-like blade that will float him gently to the ground, and can also act as a head whip and the Bungee Shove. Sounds whacky I know, but it works well. 

In-between most levels, a racing level called "Andy Asteroids" is played. Unlike the rest of the game, it places the viewpoint behind Jim. The player must direct Jim on his rocket, in a race against Psycrow, through a tube-like structure while collecting items and boosts and avoiding asteroids.

I also like the characters you meet during the game, such as Peter Puppy, Psy-Crow, Chuck and Fifi, Major Mucus (yeah, sounds disgusting), among others, as well as the last boss, the evil Queen. All in all a very good fun game, but also very challenging.      

A small renegade ship escapes from the evil Queen with a stolen ultra-high tech, indestructible, super space cyber suit on board. During a frantic battle with Psy-Crow, the renegade and ship are blown to smithereens, and the suit falls to a strange planet called Earth.

Jim is struck by the falling suit and by sheer luck rests safely in the suit's neck!
Jim's task is two-fold, he must evade the game's many antagonists, who are after him because they want the suit back, and also rescue and protect Princess What's-Her-Name from them. The game plays out with Jim eluding and defeating all enemies, and saving Princess What's-Her-Name. However, not only does she not return Jim's affection, but she is also crushed by the flying cow that was launched at the beginning of the game. You have to defeat the evil Queen!

There are three levels of difficulty, Practice, Normal and Difficult.Other video game memories of 1994, was the release of Killer Instinct, a very fond fighting game of mine also for the SNES. Took me ages to beat the last boss called Eyedol!! Also Donkey Kong Country which was another favourite game of mine

Another great memory of this year, was the cinema release of STARGATE - the movie.

I absolutely loved every moment of this movie when i watched it in the cinema. MGM hired Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner to create a spin-off television series following it which I also enjoyed watching.

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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Earthworm Jim (Super Nintendo / SNES)Commercial

  • Virgin Interactive

  • Formatvideo Game
  • TypePlatform Adventure
  • SystemConsole

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