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As it is officially the Spring Equinox today, Friday 20th March, I just had to write this SNES game review, of the same game EQUINOX.
Also known as SOLSTICE II in Japan.

Shadax, the wizard hero of Solstice, has been captured and imprisoned by his treacherous apprenticeWyn James

Oh boy, I used to really enjoy playing this hard game which is in 3D perspective. But I persevered with it and I eventually completed the game by beating the last boss who was apparently quite easy which is unusual. How I cried for joy when I completed it. If you want many hours of 3D roaming and haphazardly colliding with spikes and other objects and ghosts, then this is the game for you. Yes, don't be fooled by it's colourful and amazing graphics,and awesome music, the gameplay is very challenging indeed. I must admit, on my first attempt at this game I was constantly being killed by spikes which I thought weren't touching me. So, you have been warned.

Don't get me wrong though, the game oozes atmosphere and when you eventually collect the 12 blue orbs in each level, you will then have to find the Bosses room where you will have to defeat the Boss in order to reach your next location. There are 8 Bosses in all, and when you hit them a few times the music plays faster and the Boss turns a different colour and when it reaches a red colour, the Boss is at the point of being beaten.

My rating for this game:
Graphics: 95%
Sound: 99%
Playability: 90% (due to the 3D perspective. Practice makes perfect though)

Rules of the game: You play a character called Glendaal who moves from room to room looking for 'tokens' (blue orbs), twelve of which must be collected and brought to a boss area where they enable the 'summoning' of one of the game's boss characters. Each of these must be defeated to enable progress to the next area. To aid the player in their quest, one projectile weapon and one magic scroll is hidden on each level for Glendaal to find. Most levels contain a number of entrances which are accessed from an over-world map, home to a sparse collection of wandering monsters. There are eight levels ("worlds") in the game, each of them with own weapon, spell and boss (called a Guardian) as well as tricky platform-jumping and block-sliding puzzles.

Shadax, the wizard hero of Solstice, has been captured and imprisoned by his treacherous apprentice, the sorceress Sonia, in her Ice Palace. Sonia's army of monsters and demons then overrun the seven kingdom of the world. It is now up to his young son Glendaal, the only man with the magical powers strong enough to defeat the evil empress, to journey to rescue Shadax from her icy fortress in Death Island and put an end to her reign. If Glendaal manages to reach and destroy Sonia, he finds his barely alive father in a tiny chamber concealed behind the witch's throne.

In the game you are able to use magic to help you in your quest, and there are about eight of them in all, from Heal, Slow (slows down enemies), Damage (takes off half the energy of every creature in the room), Freeze, Zap (destroys every creature), Reveal, Unlock and Save. As mentioned above you also collect better weapons, the Twin Sword being the best of the lot. You have to avoid many spikes, and sliding doors, etc. or else you will lose a life or some of your energy.

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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  • Sony

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeAction Puzzle
  • SystemConsole

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