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You know, there are times when you watch an epic fantasy or sci-fi film, you really do feel like you want to be part of it. Such as helping out the good guys fighting the bad guys.

The gameplay is typical of the sidescrolling, platform games of the era. The player controls Colonel Jack O'Neil and navigates him through the various locations by walking/running, jumping and climbingWyn James

Well, there are some games where you can actually fit in, and let loose gung-ho with fists and bullets. Such as this SNES game called Stargate which I have in my huge collection of Super Nintendo games. Oh yes, you really do play the hero Colonel Jack O'Neil going from level to level battling Ra's dangerous henchmen, Dog-fighting in the desert, firefighting in the pyramids, rescuing Lt. Kawalsky and the Marines, and of course in the last level....defeating the Palace Guards to reach Ra himself. However there is a top priority mission you have to do in order to destroy Ra. YOU MUST FIND AND COLLECT ALL 7 BOMB PIECES AND 7 HIEROGLYPHS BEFORE REACHING RA, the end of the game. If you don't collect all the pieces then you will get to see the bad ending, even if you do manage to defeat Ra. I found this game very hard, and for some reason I couldn't get the good ending as I forgot to obtain one more piece of the bomb.Sigh!

Anyway, apart from the difficulty this is a very enjoyable game in my opinion, and there is plenty of action in it. Sometimes it can be a little confusing as you can easily get lost if you lose your bearings. You may need a good memory to play this game, because when I first played it I forgot where I had been and where I had NOT been. But persevere with it, and you will be immersed into the world of Egyptian madness.

The desert levels where you fly in the gliders is a lot of fun indeed. But you need to be careful that you don't get shot in the rear!! Ouch. So give those Horus flyers a taste of their own medicine! You'll fight Ra's enemies such as Horus guards, Anubis (Ra's general), as well as desert creatures and henchmen.

Of course, you will also meet the Marines and Daniel Jackson too, plus Shauri (a beautiful young woman who is offered in marriage to Jackson) and Skaara (a young Nagadan teenager who befriends a reluctant O'Neil).

The gameplay is typical of the sidescrolling, platform games of the era. The player controls Colonel Jack O'Neil and navigates him through the various locations by walking/running, jumping and climbing. O'Neil's health is indicated by an energy bar found alongside information such as weapon status and grenade count on the heads-up display. Most missions consist of finding people or items in one of several different locations. There are two missions that involve flying one of Ra's gliders and partaking in dogfight style combat. The radio screen displays the player's current mission, as well as other information such as the number of lives, continues, hieroglyphs, bomb pieces, and current password.

There are many different enemies through the game, ranging from minor inconveniences like the fleeting scarab beetles to the difficult Horus guards. There are three boss encounters; Anubis twice, and the final confrontation with Ra. If the player has not collected all seven bomb pieces and all seven hieroglyphs by end of the game, they will lose the game, even if they defeat Ra.

The player is equipped with a single machine gun with infinite ammunition that can be temporarily upgraded with pickup items such as rapid fire, wide fire, ammunition strength, and the gun coolant. The player can also pickup and hold up to 99 standard grenades in addition to the more powerful alien grenades.

Be warned if you over use the machine gun, it will overheat leaving you vulnerable to attack. So fire in bursts instead and look for Gun Coolant pick ups. There are also three different Ammo strength pick ups. Good, better and Best. The Better and Best power ups do more damage to enemies. Alien Grenade pick ups gives you the chance to use the enemy's own weapons against them, and are much more powerful than the standard issued grenades. As for the Glider desert levels, there are 3 kind of pick ups:

1. SHIELD - Increases resistance to enemy fire. Collect Shield pick ups by knocking out bunkers on the desert floor.

2. HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE - Collect this Icon by destroying bunkers on the desert floor. This Missile is a deadly weapon for bringing down Ra's gliders.

3. FUEL - Essential for keeping your glider in the air. Hidden in desert floor bunkers.

Other pick ups you can find in the game are:
Extra Life, Energy (which partially restores O' Neils health), plus of course the essential BOMB PIECES and HIEROGLYPHS.

My rating:

Playability 85% Graphics 95% Sound 95% Overall 85%

A password is granted after completing certain missions.
Good luck soldier!!

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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  • Acclaim Entertainment

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypePlatform
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