Super Star Wars

  • LucasArts

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeRun and gun
  • SystemConsole

Welcome to our review of Super Star Wars on the SNES. If it’s in depth analysis, technical detail and accurate insight you love in your reviews then you may want to stop reading now!

Is this the LucasArts Game you are looking for??Dean Hedger & Jon Preece

The Premier Games you Loved reviewers Hedger and Preece have given their unique touch to this classic action scroller from 1993.The first joy to behold as the LucasArts logo appears is the soundtrack firing up courtesy of the John Barry Orchestra crammed into an ageing Nintendo soundchip. All the faces are there, Luke, Chewie, R2 and C3PO with Vader looming large over the top in terrifying pixelated form.

Start Game or Option menu are your choices from here. We click Start!!!!We are met with two more options – Play Game or Training. “Training……….PAH” we utter. Let the words scroll as we get our blaster ready and the action begins in the Dune Sea. Immediately we realize training is needed as this is rock hard……difficulty curve has been turned up to 11 and the onslaught of scorpions begins.This has a certain sense of familiarity about it and eventually the comparison to Robocop crosses my mind – mainly because I wasn’t overly great at that game either.

Nevertheless I persevere – already aware that this is a fun game that has the potential to rob me of many hours of spare time (that I don’t have!) in the future.

The level of opposition varies from (insanely large) scorpions to flying otter-type things, from prehistoric jumpy green beasties to (suspiciously phallic) toothy worms. Combine these with the occasional patches of quick sand and your thumbs are going to get a serious work out!

Finally – the end of level baddie. The Sarlacc Pit! Very difficult and failure means starting the whole level again (as I discovered on more than 5 occasions!). But with a spot of tenacity, a measure of determination and a whole gallon of bloody-mindedness and you work out the way to kill him.

Its only been one level and my thumbs are knackered already!

The Serious Bit :

Sound – 10/10 – A loving tribute you just can’t help humming along to

Graphics – 8/10 – Smooth frame rate

Playability – 9/10 – If you have the time you will keep coming back

Overall – 9/10 – One of the best Star Wars games out there and we know there are a few stinkers

Review by Dean Hedger and Jon Preece

Super Star Wars (SNES) - Full GameCLICK the carousel below to see the gaming pics and videos:

Super Star Wars - Ben's Theme, Binary Sunset

  • LucasArts

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeRun and gun
  • SystemConsole

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