BORN IN 1998

The Dreamcast was the very last of the consoles SEGA ever produced, which for gamers around the World is a crying shame!  

We love SEGA (and Nintendo of course!) and they played a huge part in developing some of the coolest hardware and accessories over the years. The Dreamcast was no exception. Cnsidered by some as the best console ever produced by SEGA, it had internet access in the late 90s, and with it online gaming.

The Dreamcast a massive range of games such a REZ, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue (in the GamesYouLoved Top Ten of all time games!) and Sonic Adventure.

US Dreamcast launch commercial:

  • Shenmue

    In 2000 Yu Suzuki and team AM2 at Sega had a task on their hands and truly delivered.
  • Skies of Arcadia

    The world of Skies of Arcadia is truly vast and you feel involved in every moment.
  • Sonic Adventure

    The Dreamcast needed a new kind of hero but an old friend...so along came Sonic Adventure!
  • Metropolis Street Racer

    Earn Kudos points to be the king of the streets with the mighty Metropolis Street Racer.
  • Jet Set Radio

    Grab your skates and paint and hit the city streets!
  • Rez

    The game is set in futuristic computer "supernetwork" called the K-project where much of the data flow is controlled by an AI named Eden. .
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