Golden Axe Warrior

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My review is Golden Ax Warrior ( pretty much from memory as i'm still trying to track this down again and its proving a nightmare to find it reasonable priced)  

From the moment i first started this game , i was instantly hooked!
Alex Sutherby

The reason for this as it was my first action type rpg game i had played at the time and opened up a whole new world of gaming for me, very different from the golden axe games we all know and love. Although not well received by gamers at the time and it does have many flaws it truly is a game i love.

From the moment i first started this game , i was instantly hooked! Basically i think this was SEGA`s answer to Zelda, a top down action adventure game with the dungeons and bosses you come to expect from similar games. But what made this game stand out to me is the feeling of progression as you get new weapons and new areas become accessible.

Tha main goal of the game is to retrieve gems from the different dungeons and labyrinths from around the game world.  Firstly you start with a bit of a flimsy sword not much good apart from defeating the weaker monsters but after you manage to persevere and conquer the first dungeon you get to retrieve your first axe!!!!

This is when the world opens up in a completely different way, as now you can chop certain trees down in the surrounding forests. This opens up new paths to other areas of the game but more importantly you can discover hidden stair wells.
As you move to new areas the monsters and labyrinths really do get quite challenging so magic spells ( there is 4 in total to learn and all of these are needed in one way or another to open new sections of the map up) and better armour are a must!

The variety in the world is really well thought out with lush green forests , deserts, mountains even a boat to get around in and to other little islands.

But its a shame the same cant be said for the labyrinths and dungeons which are bland and uninspired. They seem to lack a certain character to them,  most rooms are just plain and repetitive , having to defeat all the enemies in the room to open the doors.  The enemies are nothing special, the usual suspects skeletons, wizards and the standard annoying flying ones that are tricky to kill, there is no strategy in killing these  , although the bosses are a little trickier you have to time some attacks to avoid getting hit.

The story is not terrible, although a bit of a cliche and predictable at times with a princess being key ( i think we all know the rest of the story just by that word)

But like most games there is downfalls , by all means its not perfect. Very very very fustrating when you are not sure where to go , its too easy to get lost and not know where to go next so this means a lot of wandering the map backwards and forwards checking you have not missed a passageway.

But each time you go back to an area all monsters are immediately respawned so can become tedious defeating them over and over again. Although when you get new boots to run faster this isn't as much as a problem as you can generally run past anything. And the desert area can be a nightmare if you get lost in the maze, as many people who played this for the first time can vouch.

But i really think it deserves more credit than it has received in the past.
Overall i would recommend anybody try this game,  it is available as an unlockable extra on the Sega Megadrive collection on the current gen consoles i believe.
Review by Alex Sutherby

Golden Axe Warrior Sega Megadrive- Gameplay
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Golden Axe Warrior Sega Megadrive- Review
  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

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