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Back in the early 90s I was a massive fan of the Sega Megadrive console, So when I heard that a new add on console called the Mega-CD was coming out for it I was excited.

If you are lucky enough to make it to the end you will make it to solar city and have a great life
Stephen Hearne
I first heard about it when I bought my monthly magazine, the magazine had a promo vhs tape showing the Mega-CD and games that were coming out at launch.

The games looked great there were new type called full motion video games that you could interact although it never really worked there were a few great games that came out for the console.
Sewer Shark was one of the first full motion video titles to appear for the system, even though the video looks grainy compared to HD visuals that we are used to today, back then it was revolutionary and mind blowing and although the acting was never really great on most fmv titles, I feel that the acting was one of the best for sewer shark.

You start off as the rookie walking through the headquarters when you first meet Falco, Falco is the female pilot a very good pilot, she talks to you about who you are partnering up with, his name is Ghost and that I must not let him down, Then you meet Ghost himself where he tells you what to do and who the boss is and how it very dangerous, Ghost then tells you about solar city which is a very sunny place and a nice place to live, he then shows you your sewer ship called The Hole Hawg the ship carries 16 inch gatling gun and super charges. 

You then meet Catfish he is your robot navigator who travels faster down the sewers then your ship and tells you what turns to make and how many enemies there are, so if catfish says take 3 6 nine when the cursor flashes you have to turn right 3 down 6 and left 9 if you fail to do this you will come to a dead end and you will blow up!!!

Along the way there are different enemies there are bats, rats scorpions moles, zerks and what is known as the crazy looking thing which is a bird type creature you must follow later on in the game, if you fail to shoot enemies along the way you will lose energy so you must recharge your ship at recharge stations ghost will let you know when one is available. 

If you are lucky enough to make it to the end you will make it to solar city and have a great life. The game will last around 45mins from start to finsh as the game is video and I think its very enjoyable the only downside to Sewer Shark is like all fmv titles there isn't much interaction all there is to do is shoot enemies and make turns when prompted. Considering the game is on cd the music isn't great, but that aside I do love the game and I still have a copy and play it once in a while, in my opinion if anyone wants a decent fmv title then sewer shark is the game as it is one of the more enjoyable and fun fmv titles that appeared for the Mega-CD system.
I just remember a add on for the Mega-CD and with it brought more power to the Megadrive and I applauded Sega at the time for making a brave decision that unfortunately didn't quite work.
Review by - Stephen Hearne @hearne_stephen

 Sewer Shark- Gameplay 
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