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Born in 1993

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Before the release of the digital download version of Sonic CD, most younger modern gamers would say Sonic What?

If you have never played Sonic CD and own a Mega CD console my advise is to look online for a copy
Stephen Hearne
The reason for this is that if you didn't grow up in the golden era of gaming in the 1990's like I did or didn't own or know a friend that had a sega mega cd back then, the chances are that you didn't play this classic Sonic game. 

This game like so many classic games get lost and forgotten so I am pleased that Sega released a digital download of this game to show people who didn't get round to play it the first time can do so now and appreciate it. I have the original game for my mega cd and I have compared the digital version to my original Pal version and its almost the same apart from the opening sequence where lyrics of the song are missing which I beleive was to do with licence, apart from this its identical. 

Sonic CD was going to be Sonic the hedgehog 2 for the sega MegaDrive but during development sega thought that it was too good and that it could be a great stand alone sonic game, there also was a little disagreement within the sega team between the two games so lead programmer at that time Yuji Naka went to united states to start work on sonic 2 while Naoto Ōshima started work on Sonic CD in japan, which I'm glad this happened as we got two great Sonic games (Sonic 2 and Sonic cd ) Sonic CD is very much like Sonic 1 for the Sega Mega Drive but this time Sonic has the spin dash and super peel out, to activate this you have to stay still and hold up and press and hold a jump button and he will zoom across very fast. 

There are over 70 levels if you count the past, future, bosses and the new 3d special stage levels which sega tried there own version of Nintendo's SNES mode 7 it wasn't as good as Nintendo's mode 7 but I enjoy the sonic cd bonus levels, if you go into the past by using the past lamp post then when you have ran long enough you will be transported to the past of that level where you have to find and destroy the robot generator and this will give you a good future for the level, If you do this for every level apart from the boss levels then when you reach the boss the boss will more colourful and nicer music. 

If you have never played Sonic CD and own a Mega CD console my advise is to look online for a copy, if you don't own the console then look for the digital download across most formats and play it as you wont be disappointed and is almost identical to the original.

Review by Stephen Hearne @hearne_stephen

Sonic CD - Mega Cd
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  • SEGA

  • FormatVideo
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

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