Mega Drive


BORN IN 1988

The console that was home to Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the most recognisable and loved gaming characters in the world.  

The Mega Drive or Genesis (in the US) was also famous for a whole host of games from  Altered Beast to the action-packed Streets of Rage, Contra, Aladdin and Shinobi.  A console with so many features and add ons! It was a huge hit around the world in the 90's. 

As with the Master System vs the NES, Sega fought a hard console war with Nintendo. Especially in it's commercials, with the slogan 'Sega does what Nintendon't' and also used the slogan "do me a favour, plug me into a sega!"

Here was you said about your favourite Mega Drive game

Genesis does what Nintendon't commercial

  • Road Rash

    Road Rash blasted its way in a high performance motorcycle arcade frenzy but straight onto the home console and handeld markets.
  • Robocop vs Terminator

    Have you ever known Robocop to take on The Terminator…well not in the movies but anything is possible in video games...
  • Super Monaco GP

    Starting grid in first place, the Monaco sun and F1 80s racing - what else could you ask for!
  • California Games

    Imagine a world where you could hit the beaches of California
  • Micro Machines

    Top down racing - this was the way you played with the cars themselves and the way Codemasters imagined the play.
  • Golden Axe

    Pick you best character in this side scrolling action adventure like no other.
  • Boogerman

    Boogerman side scrolls whilst running and getting rid of enemies!
  • Altered Beast

    Become the Power by changing into the beast
  • Alien Storm

    Become an Alien Buster in this classic shoot em up!
  • Streets of Rage

    Fight your way through the streets..with rage!
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