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Born in 1992

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The game was released in 1992 on the Sega megadrive. I was around 14 or 15 years old at the time and before the internet like today all we had were magazines and computer game tv shows like bad influence or gamesmaster for the latest news what was coming out that year.  

I still own a mint copy with cartridge, instructions and I have fitted a brand new megadrive case to it so it looks almost new
Stephen Hearne

I first saw alien 3 when I went to my local shop I am sure the magazine was called mean machines it had a VHS tape on the front (yes do you remember them). I remember putting the tape in my VHS recorder and watching all the games that were either coming out or were already out that year. I remember seeing sonic 2, ecco the dolphin but one game just made me say WOW that was alien 3.
Alien 3 is a lost gem it was from sega and arena entertainment the game follows the film alien 3 but instead of no weapons like the film it has all the weapons from james Camerons film aliens. You have the pulse rifle, grenade launcher, flamethrower and grenades. The game is a sidescroller run and gun shooter and you are set on the prison planet florina 161 where the aliens have kidnapped all the prisoners and its your job to rescue them. Each level has a number of prisoners that you have to find shooting the aliens along the way. you also have a time limit and a exit to find on every level and a boss alien to fight after each stage, the time limit, aliens and bosses get harder the further you progress.
The graphics at the time were very good and polished and the sound effects were authentic to the films but my favorite was the music its very moody and atmospheric and sets the tone of the game right from the start. mean machines magazine gave it 89% but I thought it should have got higher. although alien 3 is not perfect its a very solid well made game that to this day I still love and play. I still own a mint copy with cartridge, instructions and I have fitted a brand new megadrive case to it so it looks almost new. Fans of 16 bit side scroller shooters should give this ago you wont be disappointed.
I hope one day that a HD remake or release happends I have contacted SEGA but haven't got a response as yet but I will keep trying as this game is a lost classic that needs to be shown to people that don't know about it

Review by Stephen Hearne @hearne_stephen

Alien 3 Sega Megadrive- Gameplay
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  • Sega

  • FormatArcade & Video Games
  • TypeShooter
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