Kid Chameleon


Born in 1992

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You are Casey you are like any other child keen on video and arcade games they have released a new arcade game called Wildside!  It is a virtual reality game and everythings fine for a while but suddenly children are going missing, the main boss Heady Metal has taken upon a life of his own from within the game.

A boy with more cool than is needed in a platform game
Chaz Boynton

Enter Casey a boy with more cool than is needed in a platform game, he enters a platform filled world, you headbutt squares and items drop out, mostly diamonds and of course their is power ups but these are not normal power ups! Each power up is in the shape of a mask and each mask gives Casey different powers but not only that, they give him different weapons and a completely different walk and clothing.! 

When you pick up a hockey mask you take on a persona much like Jason from Friday the 13th with axes that are thrown, and  when you pick up a samurai helmet you become a sword toting samurai soldier! The most handy being Iron knight , a knight type helmet which lets you clamber up walls without jumping and can break through floors! There are nine different helmets and masks each with different powers.

The idea of the game is work through at least half of the 103 levels, yes 103 levels!!!!  There are other levels to be found most of which are just plainly called elsewhere' and if the player manages to work through all the levels and bosses they maybe be able to take out the main boss Heady Metal and save the other children trapped within the game!

Review by Chaz Boynton. Follow Chaz on Twitter @cha2t3r

 Kid Chameleon- Gameplay 
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 Kid Chameleon- playthrough 

  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypePlatform
  • SystemConsole
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