LandStalker: The Treasure of King Nole


Born in 1992

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LandStalker is a game that many of my friends have been fond of, but it's one that I did not play until more than ten years after its release, and I didn't seriously get into until doing a special "Retro Play" series on it in 2013. 

It's a very fun game, and definitely worth playing if you haven't done so before
Jessica Brown (aka "Allahweh")
LandStalker actually turned out to be surprisingly good. I had heard that it was a Zelda clone, and while there are certain aspects of the game that certainly were inspired by Nintendo's series.

LandStalker presents the player with a unique isometric 3D world to explore, a halfway decent plot that doesn't take itself too seriously, some clever dungeons, a good level of challenge, and a rather long play experience. The only downside of the game in my opinion was that the isometric view isn't the most favorable towards a platforming experience, so there are a lot of unnecessarily frustrating moments.

LandStalker: The Treasures of King Nole" stars a treasure-hunting elf named Nigel and his fairy-friend Friday that he meets, who tells him about a legendary treasure located on Mercator Island, where the game's main events take place. Nigel and Friday set out to find this treasure before any others do, and then get drawn into a complex plot involving the island's ruler, Duke Mercator, seeking the jewels to unseal King Nole's treasure to use for his own purposes. 

What is King Nole's treasure? You'd have to play to find out! 

The game is highly inspired by the action/RPG/adventure style of Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" franchise, but it adds a lot to the genre. Mercator island is huge, has several towns, a capital city, many neat and unique areas, and lots of complex dungeons to explore. Often, by exploring the game, you will come across a lot of optional content that may make you stronger or may make exploration more convenient, but are not necessary to progress. Nigel can find various rings and boots that buff his movement or other stats, weapons that have elemental effects and higher attack, and armors to equip to increase his defense, but the game also has 96 life-stocks (sort of like hearts, or HP) that can be obtained in order to make him live a lot longer. 

It's a very fun game, and definitely worth playing if you haven't done so before, what was I doing in 1992?...........Going to school and gaming, that's what! XD

Review by - Jessica Brown - AKA 'Allahweh'

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  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

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