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Born in 1993

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  • SEGA

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After not being a particular fan of Revenge of Shinobi as a young kid due to its god awfully hard difficulty, I was weary to give Shinobi II: Return of The Ninja Master a shot. To this day, I'm glad I did, because Shinobi III is exactly what a sequel should do. 

The controls are responsive which makes learning, and utilizing Shinobi's abilities much easier to grasp
Alex Lehew

It takes the concepts of Revenge of Shinobi, and all together advances them for a much better gaming experience. The best way for me to go about my memories, and positive factors of the game is to compare it to my first outing in the Shinobi universe, which was Revenge of Shinobi.

The controls are the biggest step forward from Revenge of Shinobi. Revenge of Shinobi felt sluggish overall due to the times programming limitations, which made the controls harder to grasp. Shinobi III eliminates this problem as the game runs at a much faster rate. 

The controls are responsive which makes learning, and utilizing Shinobi's abilities much easier to grasp. Another huge step forward is the game gradual difficulty progression. Revenge of Shinobi suffered from high difficulty throughout the game, which turned me off it. Shinobi III doesn't suffer this same fate due to the game's natural difficulty progression. Other positive notes to mention is the games wonderful soundtrack composed by Sega legend Yuzo Koshiro, and the graphics still look nice today. One minor complaint to mention though is that the game is a little short, and that difficulty does ramp up intensely towards the end, but not enough to walk away mad at the game.

The rules of the game are simple. Make it to the end of the stage and don't die. At the end of each stage is a boss, usually the next one harder than the last. Shinobi III does an excellent job of making sure that the difficulty progression is fair, and not cheap. Each boss will get trickier, thus making you more aware of using your ninja abilities the right way. Understanding all your abilities is the key to finishing the game.

I technically played Shinobi III for the first time in 2007. I got the PSP game Sega Genesis Collection, saw that it was one of the games, and decided to give it a crack on a road trip down to Virginia. I was so enthralled, and entertained by the game that I played it the whole five hour trip. That is the sign of a strong game, one that makes you lose all sense of time because you are so drawn into the elements of the game. Shinobi III is not only a great sequel, but a game that could easily stand on its own as one of the top action games for the Genesis.

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 Shinobi 3- Gameplay
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  • SEGA

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

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