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Born in 1994

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With the sweet smell of success still in his nostrils after destroying Robotnik’s Death Egg, collecting all the chaos emeralds and saving the day for a second time, Sonic was in need of a good old holiday.

The Warriors of the Eternal Sun delivers more than a great story!
Dan Curtis

Taking to the skies with his friend and sidekick Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, Sonic set off for the mysterious Angel Island to catch some rays and eat some chillidogs.

Little did he know he was in for another adventure. Robotnik, after manipulating Knuckles, Angel Island’s guardian, into helping him, tries once again to acquire the chaos emeralds to power his new and improved Death Egg machine, thus setting up the premise of Sonic 3.

Arguably the best of the Sonic games for the Genesis/Megadrive, Sonic 3 builds upon the core mechanics of Sonic established in the first two titles. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but a selection of new gameplay elements, improved special stages, excellent animations, clever level design and an excellent soundtrack all combine together to make a very special thing indeed.

The game maintains the series’ trademark sense of speed, sending Sonic and Tails hurtling through a tropical jungle, an underwater ruin, a mysterious marble garden, a vibrant casino, a snowy tundra and Robotnik’s new base as they try to spot the evil doctor and his newest mechanical creations.

Perhaps the best thing about Sonic 3 is the introduction of Act 1 minibosses which set up the transitions between levels. While not as dangerous as Robotnik himself, these boss fights include a battle against a fire-spewing lava cannon, a deadly water-churning robot, a crazed digging machine and much more.

Robotnik himself is also back on fine form with his latest machine creations which will challenge even the most veteran Sonic players. Sonic 3’s special stages are brand new to the series. Taking place across a pseudo-3D map, players must collect every blue sphere while avoiding the red ones (which means an instant fail). Doing so will reward a chaos emerald – collecting all of these allows you to become Super Sonic and gives the best overall game ending.

If you’ve never played Sonic 3 before, it’s about time you rectified this. Still a blast to play in modern times, the game holds up extremely well and you can tell Sega really pushed the boat out with this one. Every discerning retro gaming fan needs Sonic 3 in their lives – get yourself a copy today and find out what you’ve been missing.

Did You Know?

Sonic 3, and its sequel, Sonic and Knuckles, were meant to be the same game! Due to time constraints during development, Sega decided to release the two games separately, even though they form one complete story. The solution? Sonic and Knuckles’ game cartridge included a unique lock-on technology system which allowed players to plug Sonic 3 into the game and play through each of them back to back! 

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  • Sega

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
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