Streets of Rage 2


Born in 1992

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  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeBeat em' up
  • SystemConsole

This game proved back in 1992 you could get arcade quality in your own home, and the soundtrack was also very good as well

My favorurite character was always Axl!

In the arcades at the time there were plenty of these types of games, this served me very well, great to play and with a friend on the same screen dishing out extra pain with you even better fun.

From what I recall the story the usual kidnapping, time to get your team of hardnuts to slap a few baddies. My favorurite character was always Axl, but i did use them all. For the time it also has fairly complex button controls as each character has a pretty good set of moves.

Your health replenisher of choice was a whole chicken, but you could also eat apples for half health. Extra death dealers you could pick up were knives, lead pipes, and the odd sword, i used to love throwing people in the scenery that littered the levels. So around 10 levels i think, each getting harder, and a harder boss at the end of the level.

So dust off that old trusty Megadrive and remember how good some of these old games really are, yes the new games of today are good, but for me some of these old games have a magic that is rarely found today.

Review by -  Loz

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  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeBeat em' up
  • SystemConsole

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