• Capcom

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeShooter/slasher
  • SystemConsole

It’s famously inadvisable to bring a knife to a gunfight, but if your knife is a scything razor sharp Cypher plasma sword backed up with gravity defying gymnastic ability, you may just get away with it as Strider does. 

“The Striders”, must slice and dice through the soldiers and security systems
Andy Pryer

In this way you, as a Hiryu, the youngest ever member of a ninja-like organization known as “The Striders”, must slice and dice through the soldiers and security systems of the futuristic Soviet Russian dystopia and assassinate the Grandmaster.

As you side scroll through the early, distinctly Russian environments, you’ll find that only basic gymnastic skills are required and the soldiers on duty are plentiful and oddly reluctant to fire on you.  As punishment for their sloth they get bifurcated in their droves.

However, as you progress through to more high tech locations featuring automated and robotic security, and even dinosaurs, the required skill lever quickly rises and you’ll need to become proficient in all the moves the Strider can muster to navigate through the machinery as well as close the range on enemies who become much quicker on the trigger and bigger. The graphics and animation on show here do justice to the imaginative scenarios.  Using the same weapon throughout the game may seem a little repetitive by todays standards, but it’s such a satisfyingly devastating tool it’s hard to criticise it.  It’s impossible for me to talk about strider without mentioning the sound and music.

The sword has a good solid ‘shwing’ sound which never gets boring, there are many crisp and clear voice samples during the cutscenes which really helps to develop the dastardly and heroic characters, but the music is in a class all of it’s own.  The experimental electronica score and in particular the main theme, was way head of it’s time and must surely be burned into anyone who ever played it’s memory.  A little bonkers maybe at times, but bold and unique, just like the game itself really.

Review by - Andy Pryer

 Strider- Gameplay 
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 Strider Genesis-Commercial
  • Capcom

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeShooter/slasher
  • SystemConsole
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