The Haunting

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  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

I remember sitting for hours in front of my tiny portable TV in my bedroom playing this game. Even at my young age I found the music comforting even though I understood it was meant to set the ambience of ghoulish happenings.  

I used to love to jump in and out of objects
Gemma-Marie Cox

The graphics were good but haven't stood the test of time obviously although playing the game now does stir up some wonderful memories as well as a plethora of nostalgic feelings. As with all games of that time, there was no save feature so if you had a power cut, got called for dinner or your sister decided to switch it off half way through, you had to start, yet again, right from the beginning. Today, this would be unthinkable! But back then, we didn't know any better and really didn't mind.

It gave the game a more challenging edge and more re-playability. I used to love to jump in and out of objects, waiting to find out what new reactions it would bring, not only from the object in question but from the family member you're trying to freak out - they had some really good reactions, from peeing their pants to their eyes popping out!

The rules were simple - Polterguy (you) has met a terrible fate but the person responsible for his tragic end hasn't been brought to justice. So, you go about bringing your own justice to him and his family. You start in the family home and are given a little background on each member of the family as you run into them. You have to scare them out of the house by possessing objects to frighten them in the direction of the door.

Possessing things takes some of your power (known as ectoplasm) which is then dropped by the frightened family member when they run off. If you lose too much ectoplasm (which you will) you have to go to the underworld to collect more. Here there are ghouls and nasty monsters that try to keep you there by taking your ectoplasm whenever they can. They increase in number and difficulty as the game progresses. 

Once you've collected enough life in the underworld, you return to the family home to do some more scaring. There are 3 houses you have to scare the family out of and a final boss...which I won't spoil for you as you really should play this game for yourselves.
This happened to be the year that I also obtained a lovely SNES as well. I'd begged my parents for one for nearly 2 years and now, I had one.

So I spent a lot of time with my friends just going back and forth between the Sega Megadrive and the nice shiny new SNES. Each had their own merit and I was loving both. This was also the year that I got the Star Fox game on the SNES which I played religiously, intermittently with Sonic of course. My favourite collective memory of this year was my best friend drawing a comic (with us all as characters),listening to Bon Jovi, rollerskating in her dads living room, eating cereals and staying up late to play these games.

Review by : Gemma-Marie Cox
The Haunting- Gameplay
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  • Electronic Arts

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

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