Toejam and Earl


Born in 1991

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If you see a 7 foot hamster ball, chickens with cannons or a crazy dentist, you're probably in the world of ToeJam and Earl. 

It's the ultimate two player adventure.
Matt 'Soul Funk' Farrell

Siblings fight. I think its just human nature. Me and my sister used to fight about anything and everything. One thing that we could always agree on though was ToeJam and Earl. It's the ultimate two player adventure.

ToeJam and Earl are two funky aliens who have crash landed on earth and need to find several pieces of their rocket ship to get back to Funkatron (yes, this is what their home planet is called). This is no ordinary earth though. The view is isometric, and the levels are set out as if they are part of a department store, with a lift being the exit of each level which will take you to the next floor. This does sound a little crazy, but believe me, its nothing compared to the rest of the game.

To help you along the way, you will stumble upon presents. You can open these presents at any time and they will either help or hinder you as there contents are hidden until you open a present of that type. Take the Icarus wings for example. Once opened you get the power of flight for a short period of time. This can obviously help you get out of some tricky situations. Then again you might open a pair of rocket skates, which send you flying off the edge of the map and back down to the level below. The beauty of this though is the risk factor. it's a brilliant mechanic which keeps the game constantly fresh.

The biggest thing which keeps this game fresh though is the option to start the game with a random world. This means the levels are generated randomly each time you play, meaning that every game is new. Imagine being able to play sonic with a random levels each time you played. its helps add to its lastability.

Then there's the cherry on top of the cake. The music. I love the soundtrack. Every track has a funky jazzy vibe to it which adds to the aliens personalities. Its definitely one of the best soundtracks on the Megadrive and really shows off what the sound chip can do.The game did spawn a sequel on the Megadrive, ToeJam and Earl - Panic on Funkatron, which was just as funky but changed to a side scrolling adventure, which I personally thought removed the best aspect of the game in its randomly generated isometric worlds. It wasn't until ToeJam and Earl III came out on the original Xbox that it went back to it's roots.

Whenever I think of this game I just can't be reminded of why I play games in the first place. For FUN. This is pure fun in a Megadrive cartridge and your doing yourself a disservice if you don't play it. One of the best Megadrive titles you can find and the ultimate cure for sibling rivalry

Review by -  Matt 'Soulfunk' Farrell

Toejam and Earl - Gameplay
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Toejam and Earl - Commercial Australia - 1991
  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
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