Urban Strike

  • Electronic Arts

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeShoot em up
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Your favourite reviewers and top games journo’s Hedger & Preece are back again servicing your gaming review needs. This time we have the delights of the Sega Megadrive before us and the third game in the ‘Strike’ series Urban Strike.

All fuelled up and it’s back out into the fray with a bridge this time feeling our wrathDean Hedger & Jon Preece

The game is set in the USA and you must save the world from Armaggedon – Nothing really changed then!!!! The job at hand is set in the same isometric layout as the previous incarnations, how many times did we pour over those maps provided by C&VG (there are other publications that were once available). Where’s the fuel?, where’s the ammo?, where’s the lives???? Arrrggghhhh the maps wrong………………Mission Over!!

But alas these were the days when you had but three lives at your disposal and when you exhausted these you had to start all over again – much to your immense displeasure. Unless of course you took note of the special password the game gave you, in which case every time you opened the game box half a ream of paper fell out with a couple of hundred codes written on it – none of which you could remember was the most recent.

But there is a certain sense of nostalgia to this. It meant games would last an awful lot longer than 6 or so hours of gameplay (are you listening Call of Duty?) and would make your entire month when you finally completed that particularly difficult mission where you had to save Gerald the elusive POW.So eventually after much salivation we flicked the switch and the 16 bit soundtrack kicked in, we chose our mission and the most beautiful sight appeared. A helicopter of our very own loaded with Hellfires, Hydras and a Chain gun. We set off and the slickness of the Megadrive game pad came flooding back as I soared into the air with 360 degrees of rotation at my fingertips. A few loose shots fired from the chain gun showed the magic was still there, imagine our delight to discover the speedy winch almost immediately as we glided over the trees. Next stop was to rescue a pilot from his crashed plane, before flying back to base, taking out a couple of pesky boats along the way. This is brilliant!!!!!

All fuelled up and it’s back out into the fray with a bridge this time feeling our wrath. My theory that our first outing will result in us ignoring the missions and undergoing a destroyal-fest appears to be coming true… that is until we come across a larger helo sitting on its pad, almost asking us to fire upon it. But despite many missiles heading in its direction it remains intact. It only on closer inspection that a previously forgotten part of this game comes to fruition. Our destructo-copter suddenly lands, our chap gets out and runs to the other chopper (“GET TO THE CHOPPER!” I hear myself saying in an Arnie-like manner) and it takes off – ooh! New helo! As I recall this opens up further missions, which is what makes this game so playable. More of the same from Desert & Jungle Strike but with extras.

As the box states: “Leave your ‘copter and fight on foot”. This bought a further new perspective to the ‘Strike’ series, unfortunately the only one that doesn’t really pay off. Sounds great initially and conjures all sorts of wonderful daydreaming of potential scenarios, when in reality it’s actually a little bit plop. I remember a similar sense of disappointment with the second Rogue Squadron on the Gamecube. “I can get out of my ship and run around? Wow!” 50 seconds later… “Yeah I think I’ll stay in the ships…”

As we switch off we’re both filled with a want to carry on playing in spite of the nagging we’re getting to stop. A rediscovered gem that is just as exciting now as the first foray into the Urban wilderness back in the mid-nineties.

For us the ratings for the game are :

Sound – 5/10 – Not dated well – But who cares!!!

Graphics – 9/10 – Fluid and slick

Playability – 10/10 – Not out of place on a next gen rehash.

Overall – 10/10 – Ignore the sound bit, this is an utter joy stinkers

Review by Dean Hedger and Jon Preece

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  • Electronic Arts

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeShoot em up
  • SystemConsole
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