Wiz and Liz

  • Psygnosis

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

Me and my two brothers used to rent this game every other week when it was originally released and our parents really should have just bought it for the amount of time that  we spent on it!

The mini games were fun and the gameplay was enjoyable
James Laws

This game captured our imaginations and we found it hilarious. The graphics at the time were colourful and it had features we had never seen before. Collecting rabbits, letters and mixing items in cauldrons resulting in some odd 'bonuses' like having the famous Lemmings walking around on the next stage or my personal favourite spell 'absolutely nothing' which does exactly what it you think it does. 

The mini games were fun and the gameplay was enjoyable enough for all of us (ages 5 to 10) to enjoy and keep going back to. A reason for this is other than the boss fights there are no enemies, so the younger players can just enjoy collecting items without the fear of being killed. Not many people I mention this game to have even heard of it but it really is a fond memory we all have as kids taking turns and watching each other enjoy the experience.

The general goal of the game was to save wabbits by gathering them on each stage, as you do so letters appear and you need to spell out the word given at the bottom of the screen before the time ran out. Once collected you then have limited time to collect fruit and veg from the remaining wabbits where you could put them in your magic pot for bonus spells and mini games.

Great childhood memories!!

Review by  @whatsjameseatin

 Wiz and Liz- Gameplay 
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 Wiz and Liz- The 16-bit assessment
  • Psygnosis

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole
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