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X-Men 2: Clone wars was developed by Headgames and released on the Megadrive in 1995. The story was pretty standard, with the X-Men again having to save the world using their unique powers. 

The soundtrack was also quality, recognised as one of the best on the megadrive.
Stuart Richards

This time, the danger came from an alien race called the Phalanx, who looked to clone the people of Earth and take control of the planet. 

The first great thing about the game was how it started. Throwing you straight into the action without any menus, the first level played out like a prologue, with the player being given a random character. When you completed the level you were given access to one of six mutants: Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Psylocke and Wolverine. You also unlocked Magneto later on.
Each character had different attacks, strength, agility and special moves and abilities. For instance, Wolverine could use his claws to walk up walls, hang from ceilings and regenerate health, whilst Beast would cling to walls, hit really hard and lunge at enemies.
Each character felt really different, meaning the players choice of hero made an impact on the difficulty of the level, with certain abilities being more effective in different situations. Saying that, the difficulty was usually pretty hard, with lots of ninjas, tanks, explosions and boss fights. 

Appearing late on in the Megadrive's run, X-Men 2's graphics and animations were astonishing. The soundtrack was also quality, recognised as one of the best on the console. With an impressive cast, huge levels and tons of different moves and abilities, this game was really impressive. Being released around the arrival of the Sega Saturn, X-Men 2 really showed what the Megadrive could truly be capable of before fans took the leap onto the next generation of console.

Review by Stuart Richards
 X-men 2- Gameplay 
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