Deep Fear


Born in 1998

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  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeShooter/Horror
  • SystemConsole

Released in 1998 for the Sega Saturn, Deep Fear would mark the final European release for the console in Europe.  

Deep Fear marked a fitting end to an awesome console and made sure that the Saturn left the continent on a high
Stuart Richards
Taking on the role of ex-Navy Seal John Mayor, the player is sent to investigate a research facility at the bottom of the Pacific. John soon finds out that a virus is spreading, turning scientists and soldiers alike into terrifying, blood thirsty mutants. 

Deep Fear was essentially 'Resident Evil' underwater: The cheesy voice acting, the loud clomping shoes, the constant running into walls, it was all there. The game used a lot of the same mechanics as the zombie survival game and added a few tweaks of its own, most notably the oxygen counter. 

Certain rooms contained a waning oxygen level, shown with a red counter in the corner of the screen. Oxygen grenades were needed to raise the level back up and stave off the threat of asphyxiation. Firing weapons could also reduce the oxygen, forcing the player to question their need for air over the need to shoot mutants in the face. 

Navigating the cramped corridors of underwater facilities and submarines with fixed camera angles, the gameplay felt suitably claustrophobic. Combined with an eerie soundtrack, the game managed to produce an extremely creepy atmosphere. Battling a grotesque looking mutant in a tiny room whilst the oxygen slowly dwindled away could feel overwhelming. The sense of dread as supporting characters met grizzly ends 300 metres below sea level left us seriously questioning if the game's all American hero could ever make it back to the surface alive. 

With many Saturn fans having moved across to the Playstation and the newer Nintendo 64, Deep Fear didn't receive much fanfare. Despite its similarities to Resident Evil, it still held its own with a great story, unique setting and panic inducing game mechanics. For European audiences, Deep Fear marked a fitting end to an awesome console and made sure that the Saturn left the continent on a high.

Review by -  Stuart Richards

Deep Fear: Saturn Gameplay
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  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeShooter/Horror
  • SystemConsole
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