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Born in 1996

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Guardian Heroes was a side scrolling fighting game released by Treasure Co. in 1996 for the Sega Saturn. 

Over 40 unlockable characters for its 6-player versus mode, Guardian Heroes was certainly ambitious.
Stuart Richards
Just from watching the anime inspired opening, players could tell that a lot of work went into this game. The story began with your band of heroes finding a mysterious sword. They soon discovered that it belonged to a skeleton with golden armour known as the Undead Warrior, who soon joined your side and helped in your quest to save the world from an Evil Sorcerer. 

Hacking and slashing through each level. The player could jump between three tiered, parallel planes allowing them to spread the enemy and engage them one at a time, or evade attacks by leaping up or down screen. You could also give the Undead Warrior orders such as attack, defend or berserk. 

With its roster of five playable characters in the story mode and over 40 unlockable characters for its 6-player versus mode, Guardian Heroes was certainly ambitious. There were moments where I could only sit and watch my Sega Saturn chug to a standstill as it buckled under the strain of displaying all of the chaos on screen! 
Added to this were the multiple story paths the player could choose. The combinations of story branches seemed endless, with each playthrough different from the last. 

Guardian Heroes is seen by many as one of the greatest games ever released and it still holds up today. An update for the Xbox 360 made the game even better, even allowing for 12 players to battle it out online. 

Simply put, this game had everything: swords, magic, guns, lasers, explosions, combos, RPG elements, multiple endings, zombies, killer plants, giant robots and a crazy skeleton sidekick who could go berserk and destroy everything on screen in one blast!

Review by -  Stuart Richards

Guardian Heros: Saturn Gameplay
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Guardian Heros: Saturn Commercial
  • Sega

  • FormatVideo Games
  • TypeFighting
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