Born in 1994

The Playstation became THE ground breaking console for gamers in the mid 90s.  It broke all rules of gaming to make the PS1 more than just a games console it became an entertainment hub. Launched in the heady days of the 90s nightclub scene, it attracted an older, trendier gamer who aspired to own a console that would take them to places they'd never imagined before.

From the caves and dungeons of Tomb Raider, speed of Colin McRae Rally to the errie corners lurking beneath in Resident Evil - this console had it all.

100 PS1 games

  • Tomb Raider

    What can be said what hasn't been said already about Tomb Raider and in 96 it all started here
  • Grand Turismo

    When we saw the first glimpse of GT we really couldn't believe how real it looked - just like racing on a real track..
  • Colin McRae Rally

    Throwing the Suburu around was the best time ever - it was easy to roll but if you mastered it great to control.
  • Resident Evil

    The very famous Resident Evil series started in 96 known in Japan as Biohazard it made it's mark on us in every way
  • Front Mission 3

    Front Mission 3 is a turn based strategy where the player controls a team of up to four combat mecha known as Wanzers
  • Hogs of War

    Lead you army of pigs and rule the land and control the control of the "swill"!!
  • Final Fantasy 7

    Uncovering the wonder of Final Fantasy 7 in a new world!
  • Time Crisis

    Time Crisis is a three-dimensional on-rails light gun shooter that puts players in the role of only special agent from V.S.S.E. Richard Miller as he infiltrates an island to rescue a hostage called Rachel.
  • Metal Gear Solid

    Metal Gear Solid ( commonly abbreviated as MGS) is an action-adventure stealth video game directed, produced and co-written by Hideo Kojima
  • Vib Ribbon

    Vib-Ribbon is a rhythm video game in the style of PaRappa the Rapper and Amplitude. The game was unique in that the software loaded into RAM, letting the player use any music CD to play against; the game could generate a unique level from any track.
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