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Firstly, I just want to make something clear. This game is known as Exhumed in PAL territories and A.D. 1999: Pharaoh's Revival in Japan. AKA as Powerslave.

Exhumed is set in an area around the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak in the late 20th century.Wyn James

The first version of this game was released for the Sega Saturn and shortly followed by the PS1 version. Also released for the PC.

As I'm such a huge avid fan of Egyptology, I simply just had to buy this shoot 'em up video game for the Playstation some years ago,and I was not disappointed with my purchase either!! Oh no. In fact I'm quite close to completing it too! These days, you would think at first glance....what's with the naff graphics? However, when you start playing it, you may have to regret what you said about the graphics, because this game really is the bees knees when it comes to shooting all the enemies. especially when you find better weapons.

You start off with a machete and it's not bad at close range, and requires no weapon power. But it's not great at destroying more powerful enemies. There are however SEVEN more powerful weapons that you can collect on your quest. There is a MAP feature included in case you get lost in the game, but it can be tricky to navigate during the later levels, in which there are different floors to search in. With different floors the maps are layered on top of each other making it difficult to progress. You'll soon know what I mean when you get that far. But, when you get used to the game, you will soon find out where you are heading.

This game may not appeal to some gamers, due to the below average graphics. But personally, I absolutely loved the game because of the arsenal of weapons at your disposal, plus the Egyptian style of music makes it more effective too. When you obtain the M-60 machine gun, the sound FX of that is pretty amazing. Oh to hear the sound of your enemy being killed by this weapon gives me goosebumps. Haha!

All in all, I will rate this PS1 game 85%. Exhumed is set in an area around the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak in the late 20th century. The city has been seized by unknown forces, with a special crack team of hardened soldiers sent to the valley of Karnak, to uncover the source of this trouble. However, on the journey there, the player's helicopter is shot down and the player barely escapes. The player is sent in to the valley as the hero to save Karnak and the World. The player finds himself battling hordes of evil creatures known as the Kilmaat, including mummies, Anubis soldiers, scorpions and evil spirits. The player's course of action is directed by the spirit of King Ramses, whose mummy was exhumed from its tomb by these evil creatures to drain it of its power, and use it to control the world.

In the console versions, there are two endings, depending on the player's course of action during the game. In the first, good ending, the protagonist has collected eight pieces of a radio transmission device, so he can send a rescue signal and be extracted from the Valley. After reclaiming the mummy of Ramses, the Pharaoh thanks him for his effort, and promises that the Gods will bless him with eternal life and make him ruler of the world. After escaping the collapsing tomb, the player is indeed rewarded as such, and becomes a powerful and benevolent Pharaoh of the entire planet. In the second, bad ending, the player has failed to collect all eight pieces of the radio transmitter, and is subsequently buried in the tomb of Ramses, only to be excavated centuries later by the now ruling forces of the Kilmaat.

Gameplay follows a standard first-person shooter formula. Familiar elements from the genre, such as collecting keys to open doors in a level, are present.

The player character must acquire artifacts which give him new abilities. Such abilities include being able to jump higher, levitate, breathe underwater, walk in lava, walk through force fields and jump further to reach previously inaccessible areas. In the console versions, the player goes from level to level via an overworld map.

The 7 weapons you will find in this game are:-
Pistol, M-60 machine gun, Flamethrower, Amun Mines, Cobra Staff, The Ring of Ra, and The Manacle of Power (the manacle is pretty awesome when you power it up fully)
- The Blue Orbs that you collect increases the 'ammunition' of the weapon held.
- The Red orbs simply .top up your health

You will also find special keys to unlock certain doors with symbols on.
Other items you will find are artefacts. These are very handy in your quest!
The Sandals of Ikumptet - Increases the power of your jump
Sobek's Mask - Helps you breathe underwater
Shawl of Isis - After jumping it makes you float gently to the ground.
Anklets of Protection - Protects you from swamp and partial protection from lava
Kilmaat Sceptre - Power to walk through force fields
Horus Feather - Power of levitation

Finally, at the bottom centre of the screen, you have a compass to guide you in your adventure.

My memories from that year: Hope you don't mind me staying with song memories of 1997.

These are some of my favourites of this particular year; Puff Daddy & Faith Evans I'll Be Missing You, Natalie Imbruglia Torn, DJ Quicksilver Bellissima, Sash! Encore Une Fois, Olive You're Not Alone, The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony (love this song)
The Rembrandts I'll Be There For You

Film memories of 1997:The Fifth Element, Good Will Hunting, Titanic, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Men in Black, Tomorrow Never Dies, Alien: Resurrection

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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  • Playmates Interactive Entertainment

  • FormatVideo and Arcade
  • TypeFirst Person Shooter
  • SystemConsole

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