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You know when you see a single player game for the very first time, and after watching the Title screen go by, you then get a game intro in which you think to yourself "WOW! Look at those amazing graphics!!

You will definitely need your wits to play this kind of game that's for sure!!Wyn James

Well, this Heart of Darkness game really does push the Playstation console to it's full potential. I was totally gobsmacked when I saw this game for the very first time I can tell you. Oh yes, the game intro has to be described as totally stunning! Éric Chahi who designed this game gets a high commendation from me that's for sure. Having praised this game so far, I have to say that I've yet to complete it, the reason why I will tell you in a moment.

I found this game somewhat similar in style to the arcade machine Dragon's Lair. During the game you will learn from your mistakes what not to do, and what you have to do. Oh yes, in this game it's more than likely you will die quite a number of times, unless you've practiced it for hours and hours on end!

When playing you will learn from your mistakes,and then you'll hopefully remember where you went wrong, like I did, and after getting past a certain obstacle or enemy you'll be well pleased with your achievements. I did get quite far when I last played Heart of Darkness.
The graphics are absolutely superb, and the game-play is very challenging indeed as you have to negotiate many traps, obstacles and plenty of enemies. The weapon you get at the beginning is very useful indeed, but sadly you don't keep it for long as a huge monster grabs it from you and eats it!!

Yes, you heard me right....eats it! You then have to avoid the enemies until you eventually find a certain power which makes you shoot some kind of fireballs from your hand. I hope I've got that right as I haven't played this game for quite some time. Like I said earlier, I have yet to complete it because I got rather stuck in a particular place and couldn't get past a certain obstacle. However, I never give up on a game, so I will continue with this Heart of Darkness sometime soon.

You will definitely need your wits to play this kind of game that's for sure!!
The music is nicely done too, composed by Bruce Broughton. What else can I say about this game....well play it for yourself and you'll see why I've praised it so much.

My rating for Heart of Darkness is as follows...
Graphics 100%
Sound 95%
Music 95%
Gameplay 90%


Heart of Darkness is a cinematic platformer in the vein of Eric Chahi's previous game Another World in which the player controls Andy, who faces various dangers in search of his lovable dog, Whisky. The player progresses through the game's linear storyline by navigating various environments and solving puzzles, all whilst attempting to keep Andy from being killed by evil shadows, hungry wildlife, and perilous obstacles. Along with basic movement, such as running, jumping, and climbing, certain sections of the game give Andy additional abilities. The plasma cannon allows Andy to shoot lightning at dark shadows in order to disintegrate them.

The Special Powers, which can also be used offensively against enemies, can additionally be used to grow and destroy trees born from seeds. The player has unlimited tries, with Andy returning to the most recent checkpoint when he is killed.

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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  • Ocean Software

  • FormatArcade & Video
  • Type
  • SystemConsole

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