Simpsons Hit and Run


Born in 2003

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  • Sony

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemConsole

I loved how it was a child friendly alternative to the GTA Series. It involved missions, races, and a storyline. I first played it on PC, when my cousin gave me the disc.

The Simpsons Game Hit and Run is the funniest PS2 Game you will ever play on
Rehan Mohammad

I didn't know what the game was as I was only 4 years old at the time. When I got a PS2, I straightaway bought this game and played it every day for hours on end.

The primary missions are supplemented by a huge number of secondary and hidden goals, some of which call upon the game's action/platform elements; characters can run, double-jump, and even butt-stomp. Thats a great move!! 

Complete mission within the time limit or by winning the race.  Don't commit too many crimes, as 'hit and run' will occur. 'Hit and run' is basically a police chaseby you know who!! 

The Simpsons Game Hit and Run is the funniest PS2 Game you will ever play on, you will definatly recommend this game, it will make you laugh almost constently. The only bad points in my opinion is the graphics as they are not good compared to other PS2 games I have from this era. However it never fails to cheer me  up, a great Simpsons game with funny game play!

Review by - Rehan Mohammad or follow @epicpoteyto

Simpsons Hit and Run Ps2 commercial
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