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Before the ages of Gameboy and even Game and Watch, came the onset of a host of handheld classics.

The handheld gave you the chance to take the arcade experience to school or on your travels - LCD gaming heaven!

Through the ages brands such as Tomy, Tiger, Nintendo, Grandstand and Epoch brought us a great bunch of titles from 70's and 80's. Influences were BMX, Space travel, TV and Film - it was all there.

The game ideas were far and wide and are very collectable especially in their boxes.

Handhelds are one of our favourite retro games along with tabletops, consoles and of course the arcades. They don't emulate well and the originals are a joy to play.  Carrying a handheld in your back pocket or rucksack when off on a journey was great 'back then'.

In the 70's and 80's this was all about brash colour and cool style, we love it! You gotta own the originals if you can - if not just go here an get your fix by watching the videos below 

Experience the Game & Watch online here > http://pica-pic.com

BORN IN 1984BMX Flyer - by Grandstand - gameplay:
BORN IN 1976Auto Race - gameplay:
BORN IN 1981Challenge Racer - by Actronics - gameplay:

BORN IN 1982Krazy Climber - by Entex - gamplay:
BORN IN 1982 Defender - by Entex - gameplay 

BORN IN 1978Merlin - Parker Brothers

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