Amstrad CPC 464


If there's one thing to learn in the world of the computers and videogames business - expect the unexpected. The Sinclair and Commodore led the pack in the 80s but Alan Sugar's Amstrad came back fighting and in the end took on the mighty spectrum and owned it. Literally. 

Technically a bigger machine the Amstrad CPC lanched in 1984 to a fanfare of media. It did sell ok - but gamers generally stuck to the popualar choices of the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. The Amstrad company gave us two options on playing - the colour screen and now the legendary green screen. Imagine playing snooker or pool on that! But joking aside with the green screen the Amstrad spawned a whole host of legendary games which we loved playing then and now.

Top 100 Amstrad CPC games:

  • Feud

    Feud was an innovative 1987 computer game
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