Amiga 500 / 1200


As a machine ahead of its time, the Amiga 500 was Commodore’s biggest selling Amiga model closely followed by the 1200.

It was most famous as a gaming computer with advanced graphics and sound that surpassed many of the consoles and micros of the time. With amazing gameplay and graphics along with superb animation capabilities, four-channel stereo sound, the capacity to run multiple applications simultaneously, a graphical user interface, and powerful processing potential - what else could you ask for!?

It's technical qualitities were there but artists and gamers alike used it for the amazing array of art, music and videogames software that set the scene for the industry to develop and follow.

100 Top Amiga games:

  • Turrican

    Manfred Trenz and co. gave the fans the ‘blast-em-up’ we had been waiting for.
  • Rainbow Islands

    A cult platform classic, Rainbow Islands was ridiculously cute and hard to complete!
  • Lords of the Rising Sun

    In its day, Lords of the Rising Sun was considered to be the finest stratagy games availble with the Amiga 500 progressing well in its prime years against its competitors.
  • Super Cars 2

    Super Cars 2 - Bring it on!
  • Joe Blade 2

    An early scrolling beat em up in a fun and colourful way!!
  • Lemmings

    Keep your Lemmings alive at all costs, in this original platformer!
  • F/A 18 Interceptor

    F/A-18 Interceptor is a combat flight simulator developed by Intellisoft and published by Electronic Arts for the Amiga in 1988. The player mainly flies the F/A-18 Hornet, but the F-16 Fighting Falcon is also available for aerobatics, free flight and the first mission.
  • Worms

    Worms is a turn based game where a player controls a team of worms against other teams of worms that are controlled by a computer or human opponent. The aim is to use various weapons to kill the worms on the other teams and have the last surviving worm
  • Hunter

    Hunter is a 3D action-adventure game in which the player navigates around a series of islands. Hunter was developed by Paul Holmes and Martin Walker (music), and it was released by Activision for the Amiga and Atari ST home computers in 1991. The combination of the game's 3D graphics and sandbox-type gameplay has been subsequently compared to the Grand Theft Auto series
  • Pushover

    What a Pushover! Released by Ocean back in the Earth year 1992
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