• Atari

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemMicrocomputer

Cops in video game are usually a heroic breed of hero, who ignore proper procedure and single handedly take-on a private army of trained killers (who are often trained in the martial arts), en route to an eventual showdown with a super crime-boss. 

Littering is so prevalent that you’ll be swerving all around the busy highway dishing out fines!
Andy Pryer 

Not so in APB however, as you step into the shiny new shoes of Officer Bob: Rookie cop and jobs-worth extraordinaire, driver of squad car 54.  While patrolling the city, which is viewed from overhead, Bob is given a quota of minor infractions for things such as littering to fill each day.

I guess you can’t expect to be given the high profile cases right away.  Initially it’s just pink convertibles which litter, but soon petty misdemeanors become so rife in this city and almost everyone does something wrong sooner or later, then it’s simply a matter of blasting your siren at them and wallop, Instant ticket!!!!

Littering is so prevalent that you’ll be swerving all around the busy highway dishing out fines, so keep an eye on the fuel gauge (which can be replenished in gas stations, naturally) and the time limit (added to via the consumption of the cop’s favorite snack - donuts).  The city police run a demerit scheme, prang the car and receive a demerit.  Too many of these and you get fired from the force.  If you’re feeling helpful, there are also stranded motorists and hitch hikers to assist along the patrol route.

The excitement ramps up though on alternate days when APB’s (All Points Bulletin) are issued for fugitive felons.  Keep your eyes skinned for these, arrest on sight and take ‘em in.  Once at the station even by-the-book-Bob can’t resist forcing a confession by violently shaking the perp until he sings like a canary.  Don’t let the Chief catch you though, it’s somewhat frowned upon.The game can seem overly complex, fast and frustrating at times, but the cartoonish graphics and humor made it one of the funniest games around at the time.  There’s also nothing else like it around, all of which means it’s hard to stay angry with it for long.  

Review by Andy Pryer @clammylizard

APB: Amiga gameplay
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APB: Arcade Renovation

  • Atari

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeAction Adventure
  • SystemMicrocomputer
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