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This was a game that was stumbled upon more than sought after. I was given a cardboard box of games from a friend and I came across Nitro, a game that I have never heard of. 

This overhead racing car game had one simple rule keep going until your gas runs out. 
Fossil Gamer

My friend and I loaded up the game and was treated to a fast paced racing game through an ever increasing chaotic landscape. In Nitro friendships were broken and rivalries were formed. Hours were spent finding the quickest way round the tracks or new ways of nudging your opponents in gas sucking dead ends.

This overhead racing car game had one simple rule keep going until your gas runs out. After choosing player 1 (Clint Eastwood), player 2 (Rambo) or player 3 (James Bond) you then had to choose the style of car.

Each car had different traits i.e. Racing cars quick on tarmac but terrible on sand. You were then able to buy accessories before each race which included nitros, high speed, traction, acceleration, change car, fix car and most importantly gas. 

The game consists of 32 levels, but the game ends when the fuel is depleted. To prevent this, the player must finish in a high place on most races, which rewards the player with gasoline units. Power-ups float around the levels as well as being placed on the track, but these may be picked up by any of the four cars.
There are four different environments. Starting on city roads, the player advance through forest and desert tracks before playing the last levels in a wasteland terrain. Night levels kept the players on their toes, which meant the screen is pitch-black except for the small area illuminated by headlights. Double headlights are available as a floating power-up. 

Obstacles litter the racing path with sticky mud slowing down cars and oil slicks to name a couple, the latter made your car dancing along the road like a drunken elephant on ice skates.
1990 saw the last time my beloved Liverpool FC won the English league but also I got my beloved Commodore Amiga that year.

Review by Fossil Gamer

Amiga Gameplay: Nitro
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  • Psygnosis

  • FormatArcade & Video Games
  • Typedriving
  • SystemMicrocomputer

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