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Here's a question for you. Did you ever break a joystick from over playing just one game? What do you mean 'No'. You are either lying, or... No, you're just outright lying.

I'm still prone to utter "I'LL GET THEM!"
Ben Ridsdale

I can see your pants are aflame from here. Okay, maybe I'm being too harsh and it really was just me.

The game in question was 'Pushover'. Released by Ocean back in the Earth year 1992, the game places you in charge of a tiny ant who, for reasons known only to him, has taken it upon himself to retrieve a hell of a lot of Quavers that had been dropped down an ant hill.

Yes, I said 'Quavers'. Y'see, the game was sponsored by Smiths (Who made Quavers back then). It even had the mascot of the time, Colin Curly, dropping said down yon hole. What follows is a 100 level puzzle time vampire which assured I didn't see much sun back in August '92.

As G.I. Ant, you have to arrange all the dominoes on a particular level so you can unlock the door and carry on through the game. Each 10th level you're rewarded with a packet of Quavers. You had different types on dominoes to use. One to make bridges, one to make a hole and even one that splits into two so you can destroy more of those yellow swine. There was even a SNES version of the game, albeit will all the crisp related stuff stern out. Instead, you had to collect money that had been dropped down the hole by Captain Rat.

I've played this version and, although its still the same game, it's not 'my' Pushover. You can even play versions today. A version has been released for the Open Pabdora, as well as versions for both PC and Linux. As you can no doubt tell, I love this game. It's well, and truly, wormed its way into my retro heart. So much, in fact, I'm still prone to utter "I'LL GET THEM!" (G.I. Ants only spoken words) at any opportunity.

Review by Ben Ridsdale

Amiga Gameplay: Pushover
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Amiga Gameplay: intro to pushover

  • Ocean Software

  • FormatVideogames
  • TypePlatform
  • SystemMicrocomputer
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