Commodore 64


With other 10,000 commercial games produced and the Commodore 64 sold in it's millions, the C64 was one of the most successful micro computers of all time.

The C64 brought the world of computing and programming to the masses with a machine that was highly spec'd for the time in both performance, graphics and sound. The SID chip allowed games to use sound for the first time in more of a peformance to the game - rather than a bleep and blop of sound in the backgroud.  Composers such as Rob Hubbard, David Dunn, Martin Galway and Kjell Nordbø being among the most reknowned.

The 'C64' as it was known - became a huge hit for computer tech heads and gamers alike. and is still very much loved by Retro gamers to this day.

Here's what some of you said about your favourite C64 games - here>

Commodore 64 - 100 games in 10 minutes:
  • Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz

    The golden age of text adventures. There was a time I loved them.
  • Pirates!

    Pirates! - a very complex game, pure Sid Meier's style.
  • Trollie Wallie

    Collect all the items and get them to the checkout!
  • Way of the Exploding Fist

    A no 1 fighting martial game of the 80s
  • The Last Ninja

    A seminal game like no other - get become a stealth warrior and make a render-vous with death.
  • Raid over Moscow

    Released during the Cold War era, Raid Over Moscow is an action game in which the player (an American space pilot) has to stop three Soviet nuclear attacks on North America, then fight his way into and destroy a nuclear facility located in Moscow's Kremlin
  • Bruce Lee

    Take the role of martial arts master Bruce Lee and fight off all Ninjas that come your way!!
  • BMX Racers

    No jumps on this one - just flat out BMX racing!
  • Commando

    A run and gun shooter which wont let you down in the action department!
  • Wizball

    Wizball is a scrolling shooter in similar vein to Gradius with an additional collection dynamic. It is a horizontally-scrolling game taking place over eight levels, which involves navigating around a landscape and shooting at sprites.
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