Commodore 64


With other 10,000 commercial games produced and the Commodore 64 sold in it's millions, the C64 was one of the most successful micro computers of all time.

The C64 brought the world of computing and programming to the masses with a machine that was highly spec'd for the time in both performance, graphics and sound. The SID chip allowed games to use sound for the first time in more of a peformance to the game - rather than a bleep and blop of sound in the backgroud.  Composers such as Rob Hubbard, David Dunn, Martin Galway and Kjell Nordbø being among the most reknowned.

The 'C64' as it was known - became a huge hit for computer tech heads and gamers alike. and is still very much loved by Retro gamers to this day.

Here's what some of you said about your favourite C64 games - here>

Commodore 64 - 100 games in 10 minutes:
  • The Detective Game

    n the role of a Scotland Yard detective, the player arrives at the McFungus estate in London, 1974. Angus McFungus is murdered and the player is challenged to collect evidence and reveal the murderer.
  • Spy vs Spy 3 Arctic Antics

    Spy vs. Spy was a game first published by First Star Software in 1984 for the Atari 8-bit family, Commodore 64 and Apple II computers. It was an innovative two-player, split-screen game
  • TurboCharge

    A classic C64 game with addictive play and storylines!
  • 180

    180 is a classic darts game made in the era of the TV show Bullseye!
  • The Last Ninja 2

    Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance is an action-adventure video game developed and published by System 3 in 1988 as a sequel to the 1987 game The Last Ninja. The NES version of the game was named simply The Last Ninja. In 1990, the Last Ninja Remix edition of the game was re-released for 8-bit systems.
  • Cabal

    Cabal offers one player and two-player-simultaneous modes of gameplay. Each player assumes the role of an unnamed commando trying to destroy several enemy military bases.
  • Batman - The Caped Crusader

    Batman - The Caped Crusader
  • Fiendish Freddie

    It's Fiendish Freddie’s Big Top 'O Fun!
  • Hawkeye

    No it's not the Marvel guy!
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