The Detective Game

  • Argus Press Software

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypePuzzle
  • SystemMicrocomputer

I remember reading a long review of this game on a magazine. I was a big fan of detective novels and movies,and I just *had* to get this game. It really did not disappoint! 

 The  characters felt "alive"

The visuals were a bit schematic, but still quite good for a 1986 game. The music was simple, but it added to the great atmosphere - especially when entering a new room. 

The game offered great suspense, and the characters felt "alive", as they wandered around the big mansions about their schedules. 

If you missed it, a remake has been done for Nintendo DS just a few years ago, featuring nicer but true to the original graphics, and the very same plot. 
It is being published as a free download only, so what are you waiting for? Go and grab it!

Its 1974, 427 Park Lane, London. You are a detective sent by Scotland Yard to investigate on the murder of Angus McFungus. You have to collect evidences and put them in padded envelopes before you can point your finger at someone. 

The suspects are all there in the mansion, and I don't want to spoil it for your so I better not add more details.  Just be aware that the murderer is there and will try to stop you before you collect enough evidence to frame him/her.
In this year Peter Ustinov was Hercule Poirot in the movie adaptation of Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly", "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" with Jeremy Brett was still on air and, if American crime stories are your thing, Matlock was there too.

Review by Fabio

C64-The Detective Game
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  • Argus Press Software

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypePuzzle
  • SystemMicrocomputer
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