ZX Spectrum


When Sir Clive Sinclair announced the new ZX Spectrum back in the early 80's the world was a different place and it was fairly low key launch for the majority of consumers in UK and Europe.

However, computer enthusiasts and gamers were on the look out. These small groups had grown up in the arcades and with the ZX80, ZX81 and even the rival Vic-20 too. They were not to be disappointed. 

Released in 1982 with either 16K of ROM and 16K or 48K of RAM it rocked our world and came with a huge range of add ons to bring the computing to a higher level in our homes.Then there were the games of course!

This is what you said on our Facebook about your best ZX Spectrum games: http://tinyurl.com/pymjfyt

ZX Spectrum 1982 Presentation feature

  • Skool Daze

    Watch the fun unfold!
  • Back to Skool

    Go a lot further into the gameplay and features of this sequel.
  • Atic Atac

    In 'Atic Atac' had to find the broken up parts of the golden 'A.C.G.' key and escape from the haunted castle,
  • Elite

    Elite contains a whopping eight galaxies, each populated with 256 planets
  • The Great Escape

    Sadly you don't get to see Steve McQueen in this game but still its great fun!
  • Wanted: Monty Mole

    I don't know about you, but I had a fondness for this colourful action game starring Monty Mole.
  • Magicland Dizzy

    One of the great things about Dizzy is that its beauty lies in its simplicity. He's an egg. Simple as that.
  • T.L.L

    Take care of business whilst avoiding various low level obstacles that pop up
  • Dynamite Dan

    Dynamite Dan falls from place to place
  • Licence to Kill

    Your Licence has been revoked!
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