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Born in 1983

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  • SystemMicrocomputer

I was a mere 7 years old when A&F released Chuckie Egg to the world!.

Now this game is special!!
AJ Coles

The version I played was on the Dragon 32, although it was also originally released on the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro. 

Now this game was special! Brilliant soundtrack, simple gameplay that kept you coming back for more and some might say it was the home computer Donkey Kong of it's day. 

The rules were simple: Collect the eggs without being caught by the over-protective birds before the time runs out. However, in the later levels the Golden Goose (or is it a duck?) is released from it's cage, and it wants to kill you so bad - it will relentlessly, but ever so slowly seek you out. Almost as if it was bred on a genetically modified farm with it's sole intent twisted and distorted from laying golden eggs to finding you and sitting down on you until you die! well, you get the idea :) 

It's a simple game with a pick up and play premise. This game still stands up well today, even though it's 30 years old. 

Give it a go, test your skills against the relentless Golden Goose/Duck .

Review by - AJ Coles

Chuckie Egg - Gameplay

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  • A&F

  • FormatVideo Game
  • TypePlatform
  • SystemMicrocomputer

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