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There were other amazing games to compete with Ultimate's 3D games for the ZX Spectrum. Oh yes, in my personal opinion there is one game that certainly caught my eye, and I had many hours of fun playing EDGE GAMES Fairlight.

The game revolves around the protagonist Isvar, and his quest to find the Book of Light for the court sorcerer,"Wyn James

I was so intrigued with this game, I simply couldn't put it down.

However, it's not as easy as it sounds being in 3D of course, as you have to navigate the controls really well. Does anyone know of the 3D game EQUINOX developed by Software Creations on the SNES game console?

Well, if you do, you now know what I mean about mastering controls of a 3D environment. Of course, using a Kempston joystick, or something similar made for the Spectrum will definitely help in moving around the game locations. Using the keyboard however will need more mastering, which would you believe I did use. Yes, even though I had a Kempston, for some reason I found it easier with a keyboard which may seem strange to some people.
But, as you well know, everyone has their own way in playing Spectrum games.
So, what about the game you ask?

Fairlight is an isometric projection arcade adventure video game developed by Bo Jangeborg and Jack Wilkes at EDGE Games and released in 1985. Developed in seven months, Jangeborg created the GRAX game engine using some prior code and components from his earlier project, graphics package The Artist.

The ZX Spectrum version was one of the first (along with Technician Ted) to have an interactive loader - instead of the usual yellow/blue loading bars, a counter at the bottom of the screen ran backwards indicating how long until the game had loaded.

There are two versions the 128K and a 48K. The 128K version has added music throughout the game (which does get annoying after a while) while the 48K doesn't, which only has spot sound effects.

At least I think it has, as I haven't played it in ages, so apologies if I've got this wrong.
The graphics are really good for the Spectrum's capabilities, and you will definitely need your wits to avoid nasty enemies and solving puzzles too.  The game revolves around the protagonist Isvar, and his quest to find the Book of Light for the court sorcerer, in order for them to escape Castle Avars.

Finally, the game won the awards for best arcade adventure, best graphics and best music of the year according to the readers of Crash magazine. The player controls an adventurer named Isvar that can be moved in a castle which is not only three-dimensional isometric view, but realistic in terms of the way objects behave. Each object has its own physical properties and resultant characteristics in terms of how much else can be carried alongside it. Certain objects have special uses (e.g. keys open certain doors), and there is a puzzle element to the game to discover how some of these objects relate to the world in order to help the player solve the game.

In addition to carrying objects, they could also be stacked on top of each other to enable Isvar to climb up to rooms above him or to reach important objects perched high above on platforms. There are also a number of secret areas in the castle that are not visually obvious to the player and can only be discovered through exploration.

During Isvar's exploration of the castle he is accosted by its guards and monsters - trolls, monks, guards, tornadoes, man-eating plants, bubbles, etc. all of which weaken Isvar's energy. The castle also contains food and magical potions which will restore his health. In addition, certain game objects can affect the enemies, (by either killing them, distracting them, or freezing them, depending on the object and the type of enemy they are used upon)

Once defeated in combat a guard disappears leaving only his helmet behind. Helmets can be picked up and carried by Isvar, and placed somewhere else out of harms way (or into the path of a tornado, that destroys any object it touches). If Isvar leaves the room, the guard will regenerate from the helmet.

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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  • Edge games

  • FormatVideo & Arcade
  • TypeAdventure
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